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99% Pure Spermidine

A Clinically Proven Autophagy Activator

With Liposomal Encapsulation For Maximum
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GenuinePurity Spermidine
  • Extend Lifespan
  • Support Cardiovascular Health
  • Enhance Metabolic Wellness
  • Promote Cognitive Function
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100% Naturally

Beware of synthetic spermidine products. These cheap imitations have ONLY been tested on mice, not humans. Unlike our 100% naturally-sourced spermidine from wheat germ extract – which has been used for thousands of years by humans with tremendous success.

Synthetics Naturals

Get A Powerful Dose of 8 mg

Check the label: Many spermidine products ONLY offer a pitifully small dose of 1mg… 3mg… or 5mg of spermidine. But with GenuinePurity Spermidine, you get a powerful daily dose of 8 mg. This recommended dose is safe without any negative reported side-effects.

Enhanced Bioavailability With
Liposomal Encapsulation For Better Results

Our revolutionary spermidine formula is made using
liposomal encapsulation technology that helps increase the effectiveness in three distinct ways:


Forms a safeguarding “shield,” protecting the spermidine from stomach acids and preserving the integrity.


Amplifies solubility, simplifying the absorption process for the spermidine to enter your bloodstream effortlessly.


Elevates cellular uptake by facilitating liposomal fusion with cell membranes, ensuring the spermidine is delivered directly to your cells.

Made from Spermidine-Rich Wheat Germ

Wheat germ was reported as one of the natural sources of high polyamine, especially spermidine.”

– Food Science & Nutrition Volume 11, Issue 11 2023

Wheat germ is the nutrient-rich embryo of the wheat kernel, containing a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. It is a natural source of spermidine, a polyamine that has been linked to amazing longevity benefits. Researchers believe spermidine in wheat germ induces processes like autophagy, enhances cellular health, and contributes to anti-aging effects, making it a valuable component for overall well-being.

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3rd Party Tested For Your Safety & Peace of Mind

Our formula is 3rd party tested so you KNOW you’re getting the “real” deal. Which is more important now than ever before. Because now with the incredible anti-aging benefits of spermidine becoming more well-known, “fake” spermidine products are flooding the market without any proof of authenticity.

Spermidine Extends Lifespan

Health- and life-span–promoting effects are documented for dietary or otherwise externally supplied spermidine”

– Science Journal 2018

…supplementation of spermidine extends lifespan and health span across species”

– Autophagy Journal 2019

External supply of the natural polyamine spermidine can extend life span”

– Impact Journals: Aging 2018

Spermidine Extends Lifespan

Autophagy Stimulation

Autophagy stimulation

Autophagy is a cellular process that involves the recycling of damaged or malfunctioning cellular components. Spermidine has been shown to induce autophagy, which may help cells remove dysfunctional elements and maintain cellular health.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Anti-inflammatory effects

Long-term inflammation is associated with aging and age-related health issues. Spermidine has been suggested to support healthy anti-inflammatory function, which may contribute to overall health and longevity.

Mitochondrial function

Mitochondrial Function

Mitochondrial function

Spermidine has been linked to improved mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles in cells, and their proper function is crucial for overall cellular health.

Improves Cardiovascular

Spermidine has beneficial effects on health and lifespan in mice, and that these effects are the result of improved cardiovascular function”

– Nat Med 2016

Spermidine-fed rats manifested delayed onset of hypertension, attenuated cardiac hypertrophy, and improved diastolic function”

– American Heart Association Journals 2017

New research has now found that spermidine, a dietary polyamine, promotes long life and exerts a cardioprotective effect in mice.”

– Nature 2017

Blood Vessel Function

Blood Vessel Function

Spermidine has been studied for its potential to improve blood vessel function. It may help in maintaining the flexibility and dilation of blood vessels, which is important for normal blood flow and blood pressure regulation.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Reduces Inflammation

Long-term inflammation is a contributing factor to cardiovascular problems. Spermidine has been investigated for its inflammation-reducing properties which may play a role in supporting the cardiovascular system.

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidant Properties

Spermidine has antioxidant effects, meaning it can help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Excessive free radicals can contribute to oxidative stress, which is associated with cardiovascular problems. By reducing oxidative stress, spermidine may help maintain a healthy heart.

Enhances Metabolic Health

Evidence from in vitro and in vivo studies consistently showed that increased spermidine and polyamine catabolism had beneficial effects on metabolic pathways”

– Science Direct 2021

Spermidine is a biogenic polyamine that plays a crucial role in mammalian metabolism.”

– Journal Nutrients 2023

In 2018, two animal studies consistently showed that spermidine supplementation caused a significant loss of weight and improved insulin resistance in high-fat diet-induced obese mice”

– Journal Nutrients 2022

Autophagy and Cellular Health

Autophagy and Cellular Health

Spermidine has been shown to induce autophagy, a cellular process that involves the degradation and recycling of damaged or dysfunctional cellular components. This process is crucial for maintaining cellular health and could play a role in overall metabolic function.

Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin Sensitivity

Some studies have suggested that spermidine may influence insulin sensitivity. Improved insulin sensitivity is associated with better glucose metabolism and reduced risk of insulin resistance, which is a key factor in metabolic well-being.

AMPK Activation

AMPK Activation

AMPK Activation

Adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in cellular energy balance. Some research has indicated that spermidine may activate AMPK, which could have downstream effects on metabolism, including enhanced glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation.

Supports & Preserves Cognitive Functions

The maintenance of mitochondrial and autophagic function is essential for enhanced cognition by spermidine”

– CellPress

[Spermidine] is involved in preserving mitochondria and cognitive function”

– Frontiers Journal 2022

Autophagy Induction

Autophagy Induction

Spermidine has been shown to induce autophagy, a cellular process that involves the removal of damaged or dysfunctional cellular components. This process is crucial for maintaining the health of neurons and may contribute to overall cognitive function.



Some studies have suggested that spermidine may promote neurogenesis, which is the process of generating new neurons in the brain. This could be particularly relevant for cognitive function and maintaining brain health.

Support for Neurological Health

Support for Neurological Health

Preliminary research has explored the potential of spermidine in maintaining proper neurological function. Neurodegenerative issues come with age, and often involve the accumulation of misfolded proteins and oxidative stress. Spermidine’s ability to induce autophagy and reduce oxidative stress may contribute to preserving neurological health.

Reduces Inflammation
& Oxidation

Spermidine, a natural polyamine, has been reported to regulate inflammation through inducing anti-inflammatory (M2) macrophages”

– Science Direct 2020

Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine compound that has recently emerged with anti-aging properties and suppresses inflammation and oxidation.”

– Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018

Inhibition of Inflammatory Mediators

Inhibition of Inflammatory Mediators

Spermidine may modulate the production of inflammatory mediators, such as cytokines and chemokines. These molecules play a key role in the inflammatory response, and the regulation of their production by spermidine could contribute to proper anti-inflammatory function.

Suppression of Inflammatory
Signaling Pathways

Suppression of Inflammatory
Signaling Pathways

Spermidine has been suggested to interfere with specific signaling pathways associated with inflammation. For example, it may impact nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB), a transcription factor that plays a central role in the regulation of immune and inflammatory responses.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The induction of autophagy by spermidine could indirectly contribute to its potential to provide anti-inflammatory support. Autophagy helps remove damaged cellular components and combat inflammation by eliminating sources of inflammation within cells.

Spermidine Declines with Age

The concentration of spermidine declines
with age”

– Aging and Disease Journal

New research shows spermidine levels begin declining between ages 35 and 40. And once this descent begins, the decline of spermidine speeds-up with age. This of course causes an accelerated aging effect, along with a myriad of potential health complications.

Spermidine Increases Longevity By Inducing Autophagy

[Spermidine] is a well-known autophagy inducer”

– Neuropeptides, Volume 83,
October 2020

Spermidine induces autophagy, a cellular process that facilitates the degradation and removal of damaged or malfunctioning cellular components. By promoting autophagy, spermidine helps cells maintain their health and functionality by recycling and eliminating unnecessary or poorly functioning structures. This process is crucial for cellular maintenance, and its stimulation by spermidine may contribute to overall well-being and potential longevity.

GenuinePurity Spermidine Is Made In cGMP-Certified Facilities

Each bottle of GenuinePurity Spermidine is made in the USA in cGMP-certified facilities for consistent quality and purity. We follow the highest manufacturing standards so you can feel certain you’re getting the best spermidine in its purest, most potent form.

GMP Certified GMP Certified
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GenuinePurity Spermidine

99% Pure Spermidine (from Wheat Germ Extract).

A daily recommended dose of 8mg of Spermidine.

2 capsules daily, preferably with meals.

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